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It was New Years 2019 when we discovered a piano the house we rented in Santa Barbara.  "I brought my guitar" said Andre. "So did I," said Chris. I hopped on piano and we jammed to some standard song.  The next morning, Andre had written a new song called "What They Need."  This was the start of "Quiet Zone" and "Morrow Michalak"!


Morrow Michalak

Morrow Michalak stars the fantastic Andre Morrow as the front man in this singer-songwriter duo. Andre composes the songs, writes the lyrics, then sings and plays guitar.  I add piano, bass, drums and other instruments as needed, then mix and master.  Our last two projects ballooned from songs into videos - check them out below.


"Bubbles" is a children's song, book, and music video written by Andre and his grandkids and features the lovely voice of Sophia Bass and the amazing watercolor art by Catherine Bass. With this piece, I focused on further improving my mix techniques for voice, especially around giving clarity and space to both voices in the duet.

"People (Vote)" grew into a music video where our friends and family could share their voices with us to get out the vote for the 2020 election.  With this song, I focused on writing more interesting chords on the piano, recording everything in one long take (whew!), and I'm particularly proud of the music I wrote for the instrumental section.

Check out the Morrow Michalak website for more info:

There are many more songs in the works that we look forward to finishing up and getting out there.  Check back soon for more.

Morrow Michalak

Morrow Michalak

Watch Now

Quiet Zone

Folk Soul at its best. 

Andre sings and plays guitar.

Chris plays guitar.

I play keys, bass, and drums 

          ...then I mix and master.

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