© 2019 by David J. Michalak.


David J. Michalak

Born in Lancaster, PA

Lives and works in Portland, OR

Hi! I'm a free-lance producer of music and film working in the Portland area, but collaborating with many around the globe.  I have experience composing, recording, mixing, and producing music for albums, short films, and video games in genres covering jazz, rock, death, hip-hop, progressive, and electronic.  




1995-1999: Vassar College: A.B. Film, Chemistry 

2013: completed 12-week Berklee Online Class: Mixing and Mastering with ProTools

2017: completed 12-week Berklee Online Class: Music Business 101

2019: completed Lynda.com Intro to Final Cut Pro (10 hr class)





1991-1999: drummer and pianist for David and Jay: rock and experimental-jazz band

1994-present: drummer, bassist, keyboardist, and backing guitarist for Toxic Waste: rock band

1995-1999: drummer for Serenity: heavy metal band

1999-2014: drummer and bassist for Michalak2: jazz band

2000-2002: drummer for CHUD: brit-pop band

2000-2003: drummer for TW: death metal band

2000-2004: drummer for Donkey Show: progressive rock band

2002-2003: co-composer, musician, and mixer of soundtrack for "Skate Squad: Episode 1" (30 min)

2004: composer for USC film school short "Urban Renewal": on IMDB.com

2005: composer for short film "The Mold Inspector"

2008: composer for short film "Klondeities"

2014: hands-on recording and mixing of Toxic Waste's album "Just Buried" in Jackpot! studio: 7 days with Larry Crane

2018: composed, recorded, and mixed music and sound for "Rex McFury: Public Defender" (Ludum Dare 41 Game Jam)

2018: composed, recorded, and mixed soundtrack for Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8EmCHQo5m0)

2019: composed, recorded, and mixed theme music for "Not Simple" podcast.

2019: various home-studio song production


1999-2005: producer, actor, director, editor for Skate Squad TV series

2000-2005: videographer and editor for Fall and Spring USC dance shows

2005: actor, director, editor for short film "The Mold Inspector"

2007: actor, director, editor for short film "MyGmailStory"

2008: drummer and grip for "Strange Man" music video for Toxic Waste in LA

2008: actor, director, editor for short film "Klondeities"

2018: video editor for Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar video

2019: video editor for "Skate Squad: Episode 2"

Home Studio Equipment:


- Schecter Omen-6 electric guitar

- Ibanez Soundgear SR505 electric 5-string bass

- Takamine acoustic guitar with electric pickup

- StudioLogic SL-1100 88-weighted-key MIDI keyboard

- Roland TD-9S electronic drum kit

- Ludwig 7-piece drum kit (Tama hardware); 6 cymbals

- Various percussion (shakers, guiro, bongos, etc)

- Software Instruments:

  - Toontrack EZdrummer

  - XLN Addictive Drums

  - PianoTeq 6 piano emulator

Audio Hardware:

- BLUE bluebird microphone

- Shure SM57 

- Presonus Tube Pre-amp

- Avalon U5 pre-amp

- Yamaha HS80 studio monitors

- MOTU audio express 6x6 audio input

- UAD-2 Satellite (37 plug-ins accessible)

- Roland KC-300 stereo mixing keyboard amp

- Marshall MG 30DFX guitar amp

- Various instrument pedals:

  - SansAmp Para Driver Tech21 DI box

  - Microtubes B3K CMOS Bass overdrive

  - Electro-harmonix Metal Muff with top boost

  - MXR Custom Comp compressor

  - MXR Super Badass distortion

  - Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer

  - Danelectro Pastrami overdrive

  - Danelectro Daddy O overdrive

  - DOD FX25B envelop filter

  - Delta Lab RD1 rock distortion

  - VOX V846-HW wah wah pedal


- ProTools 12

- Logic Pro

- Final Cut Pro

- iZoptope RX

- PianoTeq 6: piano emulator

- Bfxr (8-bit sound generator)