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Toxic Waste

heavy guitars, melodic keys, rocking beats!

jay olin: vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards

david j michalak: drums, keyboards, bass, backing guitars

check out our band website:

the brilliantly talented jay olin and i have been best friends since young kids.  at 8 years old, jay figured out the ending theme of the castlevania gameboy game on the piano by ear.  as soon as i had a drum set, we would jam piano and drums together often making up our own songs and free jams.  jay later got a keyboard and electric guitar, and our music moved into an industrial and hard rock direction.  in addition to music, we have filmed many action sequences together always improving our stunts, cinematography, and editing.  together we filmed and scored the tv pilot skate squad .

our song Tiresome was featured in the short film unsaid by eric frost-burns.

jay is working on the music for eric's latest film.  we're also working on some remixes from our last album as well as new material.

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