Video, Film, and Score

Below are some videos and scores I've produced.

Mary Peveto for Metro: Campaign Video Production

I fully produced, along with excellent on-site co-producer Juliane L. Fry, 3 short campaign videos for Mary Peveto.  Mary is a local Portlander running for Metro Council.

Music was custom-composed for each of the 3 videos.

Other Scores

Here is a selected playlist of other scores I've composed

Skate Squad Episodes 1 and 2 were written, directed, and produced by myself and a group of friends between 2000 to 2005.

Two wreckless police officers lose their drivers licenses and have to solve crime on skate boards.  Havoc ensues.

The score was co-composed with the amazing Jay Olin.  We recorded all parts as real takes with a make-shift click track prior to today's scoring software

Skate Squad!